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B o c a   G r a n d e   J e t   C e n t e r
Coral  Creek  Airport  Specifications
B O C A   G R A N D E   J E T   C E N T E R
(941) 214-3012

Coral Creek Airport Specifications, FA54:
  • 6,000' x 100' Runway, 05/23 Asphalt
  • RNAV GPS Certified Approaches
  • Lighting - Pilot Activated MIRL Edge Lights, PAPI Guidance, and REIL Lights
  • Lat/Long - Latitude 26º 51.2 N / Longitude 82º 15.2 W
  • Elevation - 6 Feet
  • Surface Weather Advisory -- digiwx-coralcreek.com
  • Sectional Chart - Miami
  • Location - Placida, Florida, 2 miles northeast of Gasparilla Island
Airport Status: Private - Call the Airport Office for questions regarding who may use the airport.


CJ4 taking off from Coral Creek Airport